Your Diet Needs to Include Proper Food Portion Size Weight Loss Help Blog

Your Diet Needs to Include Proper Food Portion Size  Weight Loss Help Blog

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Your Diet Needs to Include Proper Food Portion Size

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This is the time of year when many people begin to think about losing weight. In fact you may start investigating the many different weight loss diets available on the internet or on television. Anything from NutriSystem to the Low Carbs diet, there are many choices vying for your attention and your dollars.

Most people that go on diets have gone on diets before. This means that you are probably familiar with some of the obstacles that everyone trying a new weight loss or diet plan faces. As you also probably already know, one weight loss plan doesn’t fit everyone and it can be difficult or impossible to figure out why the weight loss program you’ve chosen isn’t working for you.

Some questions to ask yourself include are you eating too much fatty food? Maybe you are not eating enough grains or vegetables? What about protein, are you eating enough? Of course these questions lead to others like, how much of this or that should you eat, and where should it come from? Or maybe you wonder if it is all right to eat animal products, or if you should you switch to tofu? These are all questions that dieters struggle with on a daily basis.

There is a very important question however that many dieters neglect to think about. That’s the question of portion size. How big a portion should you actually eat? This is something I struggle with from time to time because I’ll tell myself that it must be okay because the food I eat is so healthy. The truth is it doesn’t matter how healthy the food is you eat, if you eat too much of it you simply won’t lose weight. It’s a matter of math. Calories in minus calories out equals weight gain or loss. The old myth that you can eat as much vegetables and grains as you want is, well just a myth. Today most weight-loss experts and gurus put food portion size as the most important factor in any successful weight loss program.

One big problem is that there is no one guide to portion size. There is the USDA food portion size guideline to look at, but this isn’t universally accepted. The government is bureaucratic, and it can often take years or even a decade to update food guidelines to the latest findings. As you examine the other diet plans it seems that each one has its own portion size guidelines.

Here’s the key to portion size, find a standard that works for you and stick with it. And don’t make the mistake that many people do, trying to eyeball your portion size. This is a big mistake. In western society more is better. Restaurants, cafeterias, and even households tend to serve up huge portions of food, so what looks normal to you might actually be excessive.

Here’s a very simple way to judge the portion sizes you need for successful weight loss. As you begin your diet include this process in your plan. Try out a basic food type, such as a plain vegetable dish, a breast of chicken, or whatever. See how much you need to make you feel as if you have had your fill. A good rule of thumb is that roughly two thirds of that is the appropriate portion size you should eat. As you begin to diet you shouldn’t feel extremely full after a meal and you may be slightly hungry much of the time for the first week or so. That’s okay. This is your body adjusting to the new portion sizes your feeding it.

Remember, you can go on all the weight loss diets you want but no matter what you choose, a successful weight loss program has to include proper food portion size. Use these guidelines to figure out how much to eat and remember – don’t starve yourself. That doesn’t work either. Use your common sense. If you want to be successful don’t do anything too fancy, just eat less and exercise more. With this type of weight loss program you’ll get into the shape you want to be in not just for the New Year but for life. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

Wil Dieck is the founder of Total Mind Therapy a combination of hypnosis and NLP and a number of e-courses including a “Weight Loss Secrets” program that you can have for no charge or obligation.

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