sample interview questions district attorney – Law schoo Q&A

sample interview questions district attorney – Law schoo Q&A

Law schoo Q&A

How do I decide if I should go to law school?
I think I want to be an attorney. A lot of people in my family have been and I’m interested in intellectual property but I dont know if I should go to law school. Its a big commitment. I might fail. How do I decide? the most definitive.

How much do a lawyer make?
what are the differ kinds Different kinds of lawyers make very different salaries. For example, an assistant district attorney may make ,000 when they are just starting out. A first-year associate at a large firm may make up to 0,000. But most students graduating from law school don’t get that kind of job..

I made law review?
Am I justified in doing the following: Gloating to everyone I see? Calling people from law school to gloat? Going to the top of my apartment building and yelling about how great I am to people walking down below? Putting out an ad in the paper saying how much I rock? Legally changing my middle.

How would you rate Cooley Law Scool in Lansing, Michigan? How tough is it to succeed at this school?
Overall, I think Cooley is a good law school. The obvious draw back is that it doesn’t have much national recognition or prestige, which translates to difficulty in obtaining certain types of legal employment (by which I mean the.

I am a mother of three wanting to go to law school. What kind of advice can you give me. Have you went?
I am in school, and have a job. I need a part time program so I can keep my day job. I am a single mother of two and I went back to school 1 1/2.

Is it hard to get a job in a major law firm right out of college?
I know that most of the lawyers in the big NYC firms are from Ivy League schools, but in firms in other major cities, can you just be at the top of your class in the local law school, and still get hired.

Is this a good idea for a major?
I am starting back school in the fall and I am majoring in psychology and my minor is going to be in buisness if I wanted to continue to law school would that be a good idea or would it be better for my minor to be in criminal justice or.

Judge Judy Is A.!?
i think judge judy is a total bi i mean seriously! im 13 and i wanna go 2 law school and i think shes a bad example she never lets anyone talk or get out there sentences! how can u solve a case without hearing the full story! i watched her 2day and she was.

Misdemeanor & Law School?
Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to get into law schools with a Misdemeanor Class B (Texas). I have turned in all the police reports and a statement about the incident to the law school. The incident happened 5 years ago. I plead guilty and recieved probation. I owned up to the mistake.

Need help legal filing a complaint in california?
I’m about to start my second year in law school and i’m helping my dad’s attorney to help my dad bring some of his costs down. his attorney isn’t really helping me out much and i’ve never seen or done one. please help. You can go to school .

I am looking for a sample personal statement for a law school application.?
I’m having a difficult time trying to compose a personal statement for an application, and I was wondering if anyone can assist me in finding sample personal statements. I would like to observe other personal statement to find trends, themes, etc. Thanks. I don’t have a.

I am thinking about going to law school. What is the most difficult part about law school?
and are the extra years of schooling worth it? Getting into a good school and then actually getting good grades. There are some students who just ‘get it’ and are able to write like they want you to, then there are people.

i graduated from law school in 2004. i have not taken the bar? can i still find work in my field?
i can only seem to find admin or customer service work since i have not taken the bar exam. i am starting to really worry. what should i do to get legal employers to take me into serious.

I have always been interested in real estate and law. How does one prepare to become a real estate lawyer?
would like to know the path to become a real estate closing attorney? I have a B.S. in Information System but ready to switch gears. Thats easy, Tale the LSAT ( law school admissions test) Go to Law School.

Prestigious law school?
Hey. I need some suggestions for law schools. I have a 3.7 gpa or something like that. I want something that will wow my future employers. Hartfords a no-brainer, but what are some others? thx Remember that a law degree (J.D.) is a graduate degree. As you mentioned that you are now in the 10th.

What are the difficulties involved with starting my own small-town legal practice after law school?
Any suggestions/ideas/concerns? Have you been down this road/opened your own practice? Success? Failure. please elaborate. only the fact that you cant shake a tree with out half a dozen other lawyers falling out of it. but good luck on the business effort and law.

What do i have to major in to be a malprac. attorney?
im in high school and i was wondering what i have to major in before law school to be a malprac. attorney. thanks You can enter law school with a degree in just about anything. Pre-law, Criminal Justice, Political Science and even English. Go to college, take.

What is the best field of law?
I am thinking of law school and was wondering if anyone had opinions on which was the best field of law. For money? For fun daily work? For time with family? For most overall fullfillment? For travel? My husband is an attorney and he has friends in all areas of law. Most.

I love him, but he graduated and wants to leave?
My fiancee has recently graduated from college and has a good opportunity in a different state with his family. His uncle will give him a job, plus he can go to law school there. The thing is, he can’t take me with him. He won’t make enough money to.

i need to talk to some 1 who knows about the legal system?
I’m a law student and know quite a bit about the legal system. Or you can contact your local Bar Association. Or you could go to inquire at a local law school. Or find your own attorney. – good question – I’m an atty. What.

Where can I get a copy of shepard’s citator system and west federal practice digest system 4th edition?
I need them for school, and I’d rather buy them cheap somewhere, quickly.or if there is a link to either or both online, so I don’t have to go to the law library,,,,that’d be great. thx. Any law school library or.

Where I can find a free copy or online version of the California Style Manual (on legal citations)?
I am a recent law school grad who went to law school outside of California. While I am familiar with using the Bluebook and ALWD citation manuals, I know that the California Supreme Court has adopted the California Style Manual as.

Which is more taboo, being caught with alcohol underage or being caught with pot?
Which is seen as worse if you’re applying for law school, having a count of underage drinking on your record or having a count of possession of marijuana? Which looks worse? Or is one worse than the other? Both are bad, but ‘pot’ is worse..

Why do lawyers in texas.?
have to continue going to school and getting education after they graduate from law school, and who enforces the law that makes them go back to school. Also if you know what website can i find ethics a lawyer must abide by online, and who also enforces good ethics with the lawyers? Any information.

Would a misdemeanor keep you from being accepted into law school?
My friend got an MIP and was charged with having a fake ID – he lives in Mississippi. He was planning on going to law school, how will this affect his chances? Having a misdemeanor itself would probably not be an automatic rejection. BUT, depending on how recently.

I want 2 go 2 go to a law school. which one should i go to?
I was looking at NYU, Michigin and Chichgo. I want to dubble mager in law and business management. First try a spelling school:) – the best one you can afford. im using that same principle for searching for a film school. – I’ve.

I want to become an transactional entertainment attorney..are there any out there that I can email for advice?
I would really love to interview one just to get a feel for the job. I know I want to practice in LA. I want to open my own entertainment company. I am having the hardest time getting into law school.

I want to go to law school 14 years after I graduated college with a BA in history. Is it too late?
This is a question on behalf of a friend. He wants to go back to school. I know there is a 10 year limit if you want to go back and get another bachelor’s degree with the.

I want to go to law school, but I see that people go to college first. what is the best way for me to do this?
what are the best ways to go to law school. is it necessary to go to college first and what are admissions lookin for Almost every law school requires a bachelors degree before.

i want to major in law and computer engineering is it possible?
Yes, first you should earn a bachelors degree in electrical, mechanical, civil or computer engineering. These programs take four to five years. Then you can go to law school for three years to earn another bachelors degree in law, which is called a doctor of jurisprudence.

I was just excepted to law school, any suggestions on how to prepare, being that I dont have a law background?
I have no legal background, I have a Masters in Social Work, looking for preparation suggestions other people found helpful relating to advancing in course work. Thanks Honestly, Read no less than 100 pages per day, every day..

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