Weight loss After Pregnancy: Where To Start And What Not To Do healthyandeasylife.info

Weight loss After Pregnancy: Where To Start And What Not  To Do  healthyandeasylife.info

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Weight loss After Pregnancy: Where To Start And What Not To Do

After giving birth, many women would like to lose the extra pounds they put on during pregnancy. However, doing this while still breastfeeding your baby raises some additional considerations. Breastfeeding mothers should never use diet pills as they can be very harmful to your baby. Reducing your caloric intake severely is not good for your breast milk supply either, and should be avoided as well.

There are some weight loss advantages to breastfeeding your baby as well, in that it will help you burn at least an additional 500 calories a day. But breastfeeding alone may not be enough to lose the weight quickly and effectively.

Similar to most good weight loss plans, to lose weight after pregnancy you need to combine diet with exercise. After giving birth, you should also probably wait a couple of months before starting your diet and exercise routine so that your body is fully recovered from the birth and your breast milk supply is established.

When you start trying to lose weight while breastfeeding, be sure to avoid any fad or crash diets. Such diets don’t usually work plus they can often cause toxic chemicals to be released from the fat stores on your body, including pesticides and PCBs, that will then enter into your breast milk supply. This will increase the possibility that these toxins will be present in your breast milk. For this reason, avoid doing any cleansing program right after giving birth as well.

Diet and exercise will do the trick for losing weight after pregnancy, but do not cut your caloric intake to drastically. Most new mothers will need at least 1800 calories a day to make sure their breast milk remains healthy for their baby. Instead, eat more vegetables and fruit and avoid fatty and junk foods. These dietary changes will be better both for you and your baby. For more information, visit: http://breastfeeding-diet.net/.

Exercising regularly will also help you shed the pounds. Think about doing some weight lifting as well, since this will help boost your metabolism even further. Just by watching what you eat and doing some moderate exercise, you should easily lose the weight you put on during a pregnancy in a safe way.

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