Watching Providers For Health Insurance

Watching Providers For Health Insurance

HELLO EVERYONE! Since I’m having fun today and feel like I’m channelling Vanna White right now



(just made it up …so today is the first time you get to be in my head while it is happening)

OK… spinning the wheel and whoa! looks like we land …. well, lets check out this article that I see on google today.

Ok, first glance looks like an article but turns out to be a press release sent by the company. No problem, they say they want to educate the first time consumer and help me through this maze, GOOD! They say they will NEVER sell my personal information… GOOD! They are National Insurance Brokers… hmm… a do gooder “for the people” association I don’t know about? Let’s see. Nope - just a brokerage company. I put my info in and they ask if I want a phone call or “only e-mail”. I’m sure I’ll get a call, so let’s say “only e-mail”.

Few minutes later

VIOLA! a CALL! just like I requested? (no) He says he’s going to send me quotes and double checks my email address. GREAT! That’s it!!! hmm… how can he send a real quote without my height/weight and some medical history - at least meds, if any. OK, I’ll bite.


WOW! I’m stunned - I really wasn’t expecting this bad… he sounded older and experienced.. (what actually made me think that - he only asked me about my email address) OK, the email tells me all about one company and looks like one plan, several deductibles/prices to choose from.


1) He has put two plans from one company together - the prices/deductibles of a mid-level plan and the coverage of the very top level plan. (He can be dropped by the carrier (insurance co) for this action - very serious… why would he do this?) Answer: because no one knows the difference and he has undoubtedly gotten away with it before…. it works.

2) He is not with National Insurance Brokers… he has his own company and yes they did SELL my informatin to him.

3) He has taken off all figures regarding co-insurance and prescription deductibles. VERY important figures!

One Last Chance

OK - let’s give him a call and see what happens.

Alrighty, going good - he’s asking medical history questions. Sounds good - I can’t say “experienced” because I know… but he sounds like a man I’m supposed to trust. (????!!!!)


BAD BAD JOB! Several things really stick out and I am sorry for anyone who gets this guy…

1) I made up a slight condition that is not covered with the mid level plan. He said my meds were covered - no problem. (wrong)

2) I asked him about other companies. He told me all other companies were bad in my area. (wrong)

3) I asked for a brochure and he told me that unless I made an applicaion with him he couldn’t give me one… department of insurance rules….. (OMG are you kidding me!). (so very wrong!)

Now I just go back to the original article and website and want to call that company to complain. GREAT! I get Tina’s voice mail…. who is Tina? The website says the guy that owns National Ins Brokers is Mike Ramos… my guy was Josh…what is going on here???

Oh man! My company needs to grow faster than what it is… OK - I’m on it - here we come people… I know you can’t wait but we’ll be working on getting to you somehow soon! I PROMISE! (800) 507-1398