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How Can I Lose Weight Fast

Learn the fast way to lose weight in a natural way without sales gimmicks, fads or shady products.

What is a true fast way to lose weight? That seems to be a question asked by many people these days.

That is probably good because a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control stated that nearly 65% of the people in the United States alone were overweight or obese. That’s right, I said 65%!!!!

That is quite a few people with a big problem needing to find an answer to their question: “what is a fast way to lose weigh?”

 Bad News First, a fast way to lose weight might be dangerous to your health

From a long term perspective the real fast way to lose weight is actually the result of making healthier choices. There are some short term ways to fast weight loss but many of them are dangerous to your health. Injecting hormones into your body, taking “diet pills,” or using nutritional diet advice that starves the body of the nutrients it needs to function is not just dangerous, it is downright stupid.

I am a real person…That’s me below, no not the guy on the right!

It’s me, although a little formal here.

I have had issues with my weight myself. Therefore, I understand what it is like to be fat and to try diets that don’t work or fad programs that leave a person hungry and having less of their hard earned dollars in their pocket. I also know how frustrating it is to find an actual fast way to lose weight. I have had many of the questions that you probably do right now.

 I have also been screwed over more times than I dare count by the diet “guru’s”

This information that I am passing along is working for me. I am living this stuff.  That’s right; I am not some hired copywriter sitting behind a desk writing this stuff on a fast way to lose weight while at the same time downing a box of snack cakes and washing it down with a bucket of diet soda.

 Fast way to lose weight best advice

Get educated about your body and how it works. The most effective fast way to lose weight begins with self knowledge. Question: what would you do if you were diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness? You might want to start out by learning about the disease and its effects on the body. Then, making an intelligent choice about treatment is easier because you are informed.

Get advice from credible sources. A credible source for your body is your doctor. They know you very well and are familiar with your background and family history. This is a great contextual advantage to your doctor and better for you. An uncredible source example for you about your body or any fast way to lose weight might be a guy selling diet products out of a van along the highway.

There are some funny things on the market regarding weight lose too, like the Barbie vintage booklet about how to lose weight which simply says “don’t eat.”

Back cover of Barbie booklet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That certainly would be a fast way to lose weight, except that it would probably kill you too.

I am making a joke about that except that in many ways modern calorie counting diets and restrictive consumption plans follow a similar approach by starving the body.

Here is some truth for you and some good news about a fast way to lose weight

Your body already knows how to do this all by itself! It has a built in fast way to lose weight!

Our species, human beings; existed on eating natural foods for most of our existence. It really wasn’t until modern times with the invention of artificial sweeteners, processed foods, hydrogenated fat and other man made substances that our species really started to have the numbers of overweight and obese people that we do.

According to a favorite book on dieting of mine written by John Bailor, this is the primary reason for our problems with being overweight. It is his assertion that eating these artificial foods cause the issues. He does a great job in his book of explaining how the body becomes stuck and to get it un-stuck. His own method for a fast way to lose weight is backed up by hundreds of scientific studies which he freely cites in the book.

His work is not necessarily a fast way to lose weight but it is a sure way to do so. It is simple. Eat what your body was designed to digest and you will have a fast way to lose weight because your body will simply do it. And for most of us, we will lose weight much faster than we gained it to begin with. That fact alone makes it a fast way to lose weight.

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