2008 September — Cool Health News

2008  September — Cool Health News

All the latest news about health and fitness

Cadbury Recalls Chocolate Products Made In China

Various media sources are reporting that Cadbury, the world’s largest confectionery manufacturer, is recalling 11 Chinese made products distributed in the Far East, including Dairy Milk bars, after finding they contained traces of melamine, the toxin that is suspected to have killed four babies

Efforts Seek To Educate Minorities On Healthy Living, Breast Cancer, Brain Injury Services, Asthma

The following summarizes efforts that seek to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities. Aetna: Aetna and Magic Johnson Enterprises have launched a new multimedia advertising campaign designed to educate minority communities on health literacy, the importance of wellness and healthy living, and address issues of racial and ethnic health care inequalities.

Statehealthfacts.org Adds New, Updated Information On Health Coverage And The Uninsured

New and updated data, Statehealthfacts.org: Statehealthfacts.org recently added new and updated data on health coverage and the uninsured. The update includes 2007 health coverage data for key populations in all states — including the nonelderly, adults, children, men and women, and low-income people.

Wall Street Journal Examines How No-Pregnancy Orders Reflect Previous Forced-Sterilization Projects

The Wall Street Journal on Thursday examined how a “scatter[ing]” of no-pregnancy orders in state courts is reflective of state laws in the first half of the 20th century, which included forced sterilization of women “deemed unfit for motherhood.” Few judges have issued rulings ordering women not to become pregnant in recent years, and such orders often are overturned on appeal.

Wellness Expert Offers Tips On Coping With Economic Turmoil

America’s financial crises is fueling chronic stress and limiting some people’s ability to think clearly, control emotions and regulate bodily functions in a healthy manner. University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Associate Professor Josh Klapow, Ph.D., says now is the time to take control of emotions and better regulate the mind-body stress response.

Two Projects Target Relationship Aggression Among People With PTSD

Living with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can strain any relationship - sometimes to the point of violence against a loved one. University of Arkansas psychologist Matthew T. Feldner is part of two national research projects aimed at preventing relationship aggression in couples coping with PTSD and treating this type of aggression when it has already developed.

Occupational Therapy Gets People With Osteoarthritis Moving

Physical activity is the cornerstone of any healthy lifestyle - and especially for people with osteoarthritis as exercise helps maintain good joint health, manage their symptoms, and prevent functional decline. Osteoarthritis, however, often makes physical activity, such as exercise, and even performing daily activities, a challenge.

Medical Protection Society Launches Advice Guide For Doctors On Dealing With Media

Doctors are frequently approached by the media for comment and they in turn seek advice from MPS (Medical Protection Society) on how best to reply whilst respecting patient confidentiality. Responding to this need for advice, MPS has today launched its Media Handling Guide.

Cambridge Research Biochemicals To Provide Monoclonal Antibody Production

Cambridge Research Biochemicals (CRB), a specialist in the custom production of polyclonal antibodies, is now expanding its antibody offering to include monoclonal antibody production via two new agreements with Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) and Epitomics Inc.

CAMBfix - Funding For Device Which Improves Fracture Care

There are over four thousand wrist or ankle fractures every day in US and Europe. The cost is not just the medical treatment involved but the loss of quality of life. An improved way to treat the fractures has been developed by CAMBfix, a company started by Cambridge alumni.

Boost For Medical Device And Technology Companies - ERBI Medtech Awards Aim To Increase International Profile Of Regional Specialists

Ever since Darwin’s grandson set up Cambridge Instruments to supply the university with specialist glassware, the medical technology, devices and diagnostic industry has been a thriving part of the regional economy - but one that has been unfairly overshadowed by the biotech sector according to Barnaby Perks of ERBI Medtech.

Leaders Of Kenya’s Luo Ethnic Group Embrace Male Circumcision After Meeting With Medical Experts, Lawmakers

An advisory board made up of Luo leaders from the Nyanza region of Kenya on Monday gave their support for a voluntary medical male circumcision program, a decision that Kenyan officials say is a significant step in the region’s fight against HIV/AIDS, Kenya’s Daily Nation reports.

Merck Follows Lilly, Announces It Will Disclose Speaking Fees To Physicians

Merck on Wednesday afternoon followed up Eli Lilly’s morning announcement that Merck would start disclosing all fees paid to physicians for consulting and speaking in an online database by announcing that it would disclose the speaking fees it pays to physicians, the New York Times reports.

Senate Approves Funding For Community Health Centers

The Senate on Wednesday approved legislation (HR 1343) that would provide funding for community health centers, CQ Today reports. The bill would authorize $13.1 billion for the centers through fiscal year 2012. President Bush, who has touted the centers as a key resource for the uninsured, in his FY 2009 budget proposed a $27 million increase in funding for the centers to about $2.1 billion.

North Carolina Prisons To Begin Testing All Inmates For HIV

Prisons in North Carolina will start screening all inmates for HIV beginning in November, the Raleigh News & Observer reports. The decision to begin the program is a result of “mounting pressure” on prison officials from legislators, black religious leaders and public health officials, who say inmates are the most at-risk group for HIV transmission, the News & Observer reports.

NIH Director Zerhouni Announces Resignation, Plans To Leave Office At End Of October

NIH Director Elias Zerhouni on Wednesday announced that he will resign at the end of October, The Hill reports (Young, The Hill, 9/24). Zerhouni said he expects Raynard Kington, the agency’s current deputy director, to fill his position until the end of President Bush’s term in office, CongressDaily reports (CongressDaily, 9/24).

Washington, D.C., To Launch HIV/AIDS Prevention Ad Campaign In Response To Report

An advertising campaign to encourage HIV/AIDS testing and prevention will be launched in Washington, D.C., Mayor Adrian Fenty said on Wednesday while responding to a report on the epidemic in the district, the Washington Post reports. The report, which was released by the D.C.